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To start


As a start example, you can make a home domain system with a nano computer raspberry Pi3 B+, equipping it to manage 433 MHz equipment and equipment zigbee. I chose the Martiaticz Marketball software to handle the set.

** The raspberry Pi3 B+ has for benefits: **

  1. Its low price

  2. Very comfortable computer power for home automation.

  3. reduced consumption.

  4. No need for a fan.

  5. Connectability provided: Ethernet Port, 4 USB ports, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPI ports.

** The interest of the 433 MHz is: **

  1. We have allowed us worldwide for decades.

  2. As a result, there are very cheap material.

His disadvantages are:

  1. There is no defined protocol, each manufacturer does what he wants.

  2. The protocol used is rarely bidirect.

** ZigBee’s interest is: **

  1. It was designed to enable the construction of cheap modules, as a result the prices gradually fall.

  2. It uses an open, secure and bidirectional protocol.

  3. Each module can serve as a relay to increase the scope.

  4. It uses a range of international frequency and to manage a large number of modules.

  5. It was chosen by important brands such as Philips ( System HUE ), IKEA ( System TRÅDFRI ), LeGrand, Xiaomi, and many more …