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Material to start with.

Materials for the home automation system

Here is the material I used to build my home automation system, allowing to control 433 Mhz equipment and zigbee equipment.

type picture mark model indicative price Why
computer raspberry pi3b + 35 € no fan, cheap, has gpio, wifi, LAN RJ45
computer case Aukru   7 € any computer case for raspberry-pi3 is suitable. Choose the one you prefer.
current source Konky   10 € When my special “ raspberry-pi3“turned out to be too weak, I successfully replaced it with this one. Many other models are suitable.
USB cable     USB to micro USB 2 € to connect the raspberry-pi3 to the power supply
Micro SD card sandisk SDSQUAR-032G-GN6MA 11 € the pi needs a quality card, it is highly recommended to use a card of a well-known brand.
Duplex cables SODIAL Female-female Duplex cables. 068187 2 € to connect 433 Mhz devices and flash a zigbee USB key
transmitter + receiver   wl101-341 + wl102-341 2 € 433mhz superheterodyne transmitter + receiver
cable       0 € a piece of cable to create an antenna. For example, an old 3-meter network cable.
shielding     A sheet of aluminum foil inserted into a sheet of paper folded in half 0 € to protect the 433 Mhz receiver from interference generated by the raspberry-pi3.
USB stick Zigbee and cable   CC2531 6 € key zigbee and download cable for CC
      total price 75 €  

The control devices.

Many devices can be controlled. First, these three elements seem particularly interesting to me:

type technology picture mark model indicative price Why
thermometer 433 Mhz Fanju de fj3378 7.50 € thermometer with screen at a reasonable price.
electrical outlets 433 Mhz KYG 4315 33 € 5 remote controlled sockets at a reasonable price.
bulb zigbee Ikea TRÅDFRI LED E27 806 lumens 10 € adjustable light bulb at a reasonable price.
        total price 50.5 €