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Program the USB key CC2531

install lightning software

git clone
cd flash_cc2531

download the zigbee software

Download the latest version of the zigbee coordinator on this site: / bin / default/, then unzip the file.

example for version :


connect the key

Connect four lines Dupont female to female to pins 35,36,38 and 39 of raspberry. ( Pin 2 is in the corner of raspberry, see the website locate)
Connect these lines to the large cable connector CC :

pin GPIO pin CC
39 ( GND ) 1 ( GND )
36 ( wPi 27, BCM16 ) 3 ( DC )
38 ( wPi 28, BCM20 ) 4 ( DD )
35 ( wPi 24, BCM19 ) 7 ( reset )

Then connect the adaptive cable to the key ( Look at the photo of the ) connection address, and enter the key in one of the ports USB :

do the programming

try this:

cd flash_cc2531

It must return:

  ID = b524.

Keep the current contents of the key:

./cc_read save.hex

Program the file CC2531ZNP-Prod.hex in the key CC2531:

./cc_write CC2531ZNP-Prod.hex

In case of a problem

See the website of flash_cc2531